"... each time I contact my relatives, they always think they have
no other relatives in this world. I guess for you it is the same."
Gloria Baikauskas. January 17, 2001

Relatives met each other after 150 years

On 15 January, 2001 two relatives met each other - Henryk Dubowik (Bydgoszcz, Poland) and Stanislav Ekzempliarov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). They both originate from Filipowicz-Dubowik family and have one and the same ancestor; Henryk represents the 9th generation, and Stanislav - the 12th. Due to tragic events (in the middle of 19th century Stanislav's great grandfather was charged with participation in 1863 insurrection against the Russian tsarist autocracy and shipped to Siberia) all contacts between two branches of the family were lost. Since that nothing was known about each other in Henryk's and Stanislav's families. And now thanks to Internet the relatives have found each other after 150 years!

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