"... my amene friends and relatives
I do beseech to remember about my peccant soul
and that of my Father Stepan Dubowik..."
From the testament of Nikolay Filipowicz-Dubowik.
September 4, 1775.


Now Dubovik is a wide-spead surname in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine.
Many citizens of USA also bear this surname. Duboviks are known to live in Brazil, Argentina and Israel.

There are two noble families among the Duboviks. One originates from medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia and Samogitia, another from Malorossia.

This site is about the history and genealogy of various families of Duboviks. It represents the family documents, results of research in archives of Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), medieval folio and library books studying which were maintained in years 1996-2001.

I devote it to the memory of my grandmother Olga Dubowik.

Plans for future

  • Little-known facts from History of Belarus including Hierarchy of medieval Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth's officers in Latin, Polish and Russian languages
  • Original articles about Pobog Coat of Arms from several medieval Armorials (in old Polish)
  • Comparable list of Polish and Lithuanian Families of Pobog Coat of Arms according to several Armorials
  • Links to geagrafical and historical maps of Belarus on Internet
  • Surnames Database; Families got related with Duboviks

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