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About Duboviks surname

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Place of origin

There are known two areas of prevalence of Dubovik surname. The first is one of the provinces of Belarus, the second is Northern Ukraine. Prevalence of surname supposes that the same surname is beared by nearly a half of inhabitants of a certain place. This places are supposed to be the centers of origin of Dubovik surname.
At that both related and not related Duboviks can live in some places. In other places - only relatives. It is interesting that in most known cases the surname deals nothing with the name of places where it is prevalent, and that is why could not have originated from them. In most cases the Dubovik surname origination time is not earlier than 19 century.
The surname representatives did not reach any conspicuous rank in Russian Empire.
In the 20 century some their descendants had settled all over the territory of Russia and Soviet Union, others have moved to the West during wars and repressions, some have leaved Soviet Union in peacetime.

Surname meaning

Explanatory dictionary of Russian language by V.Dal ON-LINE gives the following meanings of dubovik:

- loc.south waterman;
- kind of mushroom;
- south kind of bream.

In the mushrooms directory I found three "duboviks" - Boletus luridus , Boletus erythropus and Boletus queletii.

If you know additional meaning of "dubovik" word - email me

Surname spelling

The Dubovik surname firstly appeared among noble families. But one can suppose that it could also have been used like a nickname among roturiers.
The earliest spelling was in Ruthenian and looked like:

Since 1696 Polish language became prevalent in Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In Polish the surname looked and now looks like:

In Russian in the middle of 19th century it was written as:

After 1918 till now in Russian it looks like:

When in our days Russian native speakers need to transliterate their surname into Latinica they usually spell it like:

Sometimes this way:

Or this:

And even so:


Duboviki - in Belarus.

Dubowik - in Poland. Look at the article from Geografic Dictionary ( in Polish)

Dubovik - in Croatia.

Some representatives of Duboviks

Ivan Mitrofanovich Dubovik, born in 1902, the chairman of collective farm in Bylorussia Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR). Was repressed and shot 07 October 1938.

Ivan Alexeevich Dubovik, born in Sloboda village in Uzda district of Minsk province of BSSR, perished in 1939 in Soviet-Finnish War.

Ignat Feodorovich Dubovik, born in Lozovskiy district of Kharkov province of Ukraine, perished 14 February 1943 in fight near Smerdynia river in Tosno district of Leningrad province during war 1941-1945 between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Feodor Fedorovich Dubovik, born in Lozovaya station in Kharkov province of Ukraine, perished 19 June 1944 in fight near place Miatsiakiulia of Karel-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic during war 1941-1945 between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Pavel Ivanovich Dubovik, born in village Novaia Ivanovka of Yaroslav district of Orel province of Soviet Union, vanished during war 1941-1945 between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Piotr Maksimovich Dubovik, born in Yakshitsi village in Berezina district of Minsk province of BSSR, perished 8 May 1945 in fight in Berlin, Germany, during war 1941-1945 between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Bohdan Dubovik, a peasant, 1613, Arzamas*.

Nikolay Ilich Dubovik, 1896-1967, is buried at St.Genevieve de Bois cemetry, Paris.

Eugen-Jan "Gene" Dubovik, born in BSSR, the teacher of history in NY, USA.   More...

Sergey Dubovik, "Republika" newspaper editor in chief, Minsk, Belarus.

*  according to Up-to-date Russian family clans



There are two noble families among Duboviks. Below you can see their Coats of Arms. One that bore Pobog Arms originates from medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia and Samogitia, another (of Zagloba Arms) from Nortern Ukraine. I have also heard about Duboviks of Dab Arms but this information is contradictive and is to be studied thoroughgly.

Pobog Dab Zagloba
Dubowiks of Pobog COA Dab Dubowiks of Zagloba COA