"a silver horseshoe with its ridge
upward in a blue field, atop is a gold cross, on the helmet
a half greyhound is seen, facing the right, with leash"
From Minsk Noble Deputies Assembly definition.
25 November 1802

Filipowicz-Dubowik of Pobog COA

The Patriarch

The Patriarch of the family is known to be Kazimierz Filipowicz-Dubowik, the landlord of Novogrudok vojevodship of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia and Samogitia. He lived in the beginning of 17th century. The mentioning of him is the earliest known mentioning of Dubovik's surname.

Family "nest"

The family nest of Filipowicz's-Dubowik's is the Kazimierz's estate named Mirkov(Mirkovo). It is lost but the village Miratichi still exist (now in Korelichi district of Grodno province of Belarus). Miratichi is a very old place. It is already shown on the map of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia and Samogitia of the middle of 16th century. And even is mentioned in Lithuanian Metrics under year 1538 „... and Duke Andrey Koshirskiy has four estates in Lithuania that are Lushchevo, Miratichi, Serebranaya, Kustyn ..."

Miratichi on map of Belarus
(in Russian)

Geografical Dictionary about Miratichi ( in Polish)

This way Miratichi looked on 13 September 2000:

View from the broadway · Traffic sign · At school

Other representatives of the family

Dmitriy, landlord of Novogrudok vojevodship and Cavalry Captain, who on combat merits was awarded by King Jan Kazimierz the Otovchitsi estate in Pinsk district.
King's consens on awarded estate (in Russian).
Donation on heritable estate (in Russian).
Geografical Dictionary about Otovchitsi (in Polish).

Andrey, the King's courtier.

Stefan, who in the beginning of 18th century was given a patent on rank of Chor№їy in Cavalry regiment by Ludwik Konstantcy Pociej, the Hetman of Grand Dutchy of Lithuania.
The patent text (in Russian).

Giliariy, Lida Land Regent.

Nikolay, in the middle of 18th century was granted the post of Vilna Land Court prosecutor. The text of his testament is extant, and a phrase from it serves the epigraph to this site.
Testament (in Russian).

Silvestr, armoured Cavalry Captain, known to have donated his heritable estate Rudnia located in Oshmiany district to his wife due to their wedding.

Michael, The Wozny of Novogrudok vojevodship.


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