Debt of Gratitude

First of all I want to thank my relatives, friends and collegues, without help of whom this site would not ever appear:

Henryk Dubowik and Vladislav Dubovik for providing family documents and information

Iren Kwiatkowska and Igor Labedzki for Belarusian Nobility consulting

Wladzislaw Viarowkin-Sheliuta, Association of the Belarusian Nobility (WWW / no updates available/, e-mail), for providing sources, Nobility consulting and help during Minsk and Miratichy visits.

Alexander Kadan, Grodgo State University (WWW, e-mail), for help in Miratichy visit preparations

Leon Stevens (e-mail) for Polish Nobility consulting

Gloria Baikauskas (e-mail) and Stanley Klemanowicz (e-mail) for sharing relatives search experience and recommendations

And those who helped me so much in giving life to this site:

Oleg Lebedev (e-mail) for pictures scanning, web-design and construction

Svetlana Ladvishchenko (e-mail) for translation to and from Polish

And of course my close relatives, who are still tolerant to my being a little out-of-body to this everyday life problems, so I can gradually advance in my Duboviks origination and history research.


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