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    Historical Sources


    Volumina legum regni poloniae et magni ducatis lithvaniae ab anno 1347 ad annum 1780

    I.A.Poraj-Koszczyc. Historical story about Lithuanian Nobility. St.Petersburg, 1858.

    D.I. Agntsev. History of Ryazan ecclesiastical seminary 1724-1840. Ryazan, 1889.

    The public desctop book. Under the editorship of I.P.Khrushchov. In four divisions. St.Petersburg, 1891.

    Global history or most important events since ancient times narration. Russian history chronography.

    Global and Russian Geography. Russian Empire.

    Memorial book for Minsk province for year 1900. Minsk, 1899.

    Dmitry Jackiewicz. Small Armorial of Kholopenichi nobles. Minsk, 1999.

    Mikola Ermalowicz. Belarus state Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Minsk, 2000.

    • Preface ( in Russian )

    • The Novagarodak period (1246-1316)

      • The historical background

      • Not just disunity and weakness

      • Ancient Litva as a historic part of Belarus ( in Russian )

      • Raids by Lithuanians and slavic colonization

      • Who was the greatest danger?

      • What did Mindoug conquer?

      • Voishalk's Policy and the second conquest of Litva

      • The time of Traidzen

      • Decline of Novagarodak and a new rise of Polatsak

    • The Vilnya period (1316-1385)

    • The Kreva period (1385-1569)

    • The Retch Pospolitaya period (1569-1795)

    • List of reference ( in Russian )

    The Ryazan clergymen Database ( in Russian ).

    The Moscow clergymen Database.

    • The Moscow ecclesiastical seminary 1901-1917 graduates ( in Russian )

    • The Vifan ecclesiastical seminary 1901-1917 graduates ( in Russian )


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