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    Useful Links


    View the list of genealogical sites of Petersburg citizens in "Personal Pages" section

    Russian Biographic Dictionary (in Russian)

    Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Language of V.Dahl ON-LINE (in Russian)

    F.A.Brockhaus, I.A.Evfron. Ciclopedic dictionary (in Russian)

    Personality at "Year 1812" project site (in Russian)

    All-Russia Genealogical Tree

    The Russian Orthodox Church Personality

    The Russian Nobility Assembly

    The Marine department of Russian Nobility Assembly

    Historical and Genealogical Society in Moscow

    The Ural Historical and Genealogical Society

    The Ural Genealogical Society

    Association of the Belarusian Nobility (in Belarusian)

    Association of the Belarusian Nobility

    The Russian Nobility in Estonia Union

    The Samara province Genealogy

    The State Public Historical Library (Moscow, Russia)

    Russian State Library (Moscow, Russia)

    The State Public Scientific & Technical Library (Moscow, Russia)

    Russian State Natural University (Moscow, Russia)

    The National Library of Belarus

    Russian Aristocracy

    Military-historical portal of the Russian History, cadet corps, Cossack unions, re-enactor societies and military-sportive clubs

    9 Kb

    The KOZINs Genealogy

    The Planet of Matusevichs

    The Genealogical Tree of Kandinskis

    Historians of science on Institute for the History of Science and Technology of Russian Academy of Science site

    Russian emigrants - scientists and engineers 1920 - 1950 (in Russian)

    Personality of St.Petersburg

    Russian Genealogy Co

    The Belarus State Archives

    The Ukraine State Archival Commetee

    The Folk Cyclopedia of cities and regions of Russia (in Russian)

    Tha Old Maps of Russian Empire (in Russian)

    Henadz Sahanovich. The unknown war: 1654-1667. Minsk, 1995. Internet version of book (in Belorussian)

    History of Ukraine (in Ukrainian)

    Zwiazek Szlachty Polskiej

    The Polish Nobility Association

    Small Armorial by Adam Kromer (in Polish)

    Polish Historical and Genealogical Publishing DIG

    Gazeta Petersburska

    The Gazette of St.Petersburg cultural society "Polonia" named after A.Mickiewicz (in Polish)

    Russian Search Engines

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  • Punto

    The Society of Danish Genealogy and Personal History

    The Genealogical Society of Finland

    The Norwegian Genealogy Assosiation

    The Norwegian Genealogical Society

    The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies

    The Swedish Genealogical Society

    Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden


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