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    Requests in Russian


    Dubowik / Dubovik / Doubovik / Dubovick

    In Polish: Poszukujк osуb z nazwiskiem Dubowik (Dubovik).
    In English: I'm looking for people with above mentioned surnames. Everybody who himself does or who's ancestors did bear such surname, and who wants to know about people with the same name and their family history, is welcome to The Dubowiks Club. Please inform other Duboviks whom you might know, about the Club.

    Stanislav Ekzempliarov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    The Duboviks Story Site & Club


    The Pavlovsk Palace Museum in the web site they maintain list a Musical clock made, by Peter Torckler in the mid-18th century in England, as one of the more interesting exhibits in the 'Orchestral Room'.
    Any person with the name Torckler just has to be part of our line as there have been so few of us down through available history.
    What I would really like to know is:
    (1) Is the clock in the Orchestral Room the only one by Peter Torckler, if not which are the others?
    (2) Was the clock a purchase, gift or presentation?
    There is a family story that a Torckler may have been in St.Petersburg on some diplomatic or Governmental business during that period. There certainly was a Peter Adolph Torckler who left from Riga for Calcutta in the late 18th century as a merchant. However we have not been able to confirm if he was just passing through Riga or had been resident there.
    I would really appreciate if there is any one out there who can help with these puzzles. Thanks in anticipation.

    Keith Torckler, Cornwallis, New Zealand.

    Malkovsky (Maіkowski)

    I am searching for any information about, or possible descendants after year 1939 of Nikolay Malkovski (son of Ivan) who was born 15 October 1877 in Okulovka (Otradnoye) estate near village Okulovo in Peremysl district of Kaluga province of Russia. He was the official in The First Verhneudinsk regiment of Zabaykalski Cossack Army. In 1916 he was in the rank of nadvorny sovetnik (lieutenant colonel ). Up to 1939 he lived in Harbin (China), worked in China East Railways. No information on his destiny. It is said that most of Russians were later deported from Harbin (China) to USA, Australia and New Zealand.
    Any related information would be kindly appreciated.
    I also ask to reply all Malkovski's from Kazan, Moscow, Samara (former Kuibyshev), Saint-Petersburg (former Leningrad), Simbirsk (former Ulianovsk), Smolensk, Tver (former Kalinin), Ufa.

    Rostislav Malkovski, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


    I am searching the information about Valerian's Krukowski origin and family members, who had been living in Minsk at the end of 19th century.

    Anatoliy L. Krukowski, St.Petersburg.


    I am looking for family members of Bronius Leveckis, born 1919 in Lithuania, moved to St. Petersburg and married a Russian, Marusha with whom he had two daughters Tolia and Sasha.
    Any related information would be kindly appreciated.

    Vytas Levickis, Melbourne, Australia.


    I am searching for my relatives Ziegelmanns in Germany, Israel and US.

    Vladimir I. Ziegelmann, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    Sheyer / Sheer / Sherman

    I am searching the information about descendants of:
    * Isaac Sheyer/Sheer/Sherman born about 1862, the son of Berk,
    * Shepsl Sheyer/Sheer/Sherman born about 1865, the son of Berk,
    who came to US from city of Zinkov in Vinnitza region of Ukraine (Russia) earlier 1917.

    Sofia V. Peregudin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


    I am searching the information about descendants of Mira Simonova, the daughter of Leis (maybe Peis), born about 1900, who came into US (year unknown) from city of Bar (or Zinkov) in Vinnitza region of Ukraine (Russia).

    Sofia V. Peregudina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


    I am searching the information about descendants of one of the sons (name unknown) of Naum Shliak and Sura-Enta Nehos. He had sisters Leia, born in 1875, married Sheyer/Sheer/Sherman; Roza (Rosia); Enia; and brother Veispl. He came from city of Bar in Vinnitza region of Ukraine (Russia) before 1917.

    Sofia V. Peregudina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


    Searching for descendants of any ENGEL's that came from South Russia, Black Sea region. Possibly were deported, moved, banished, etc. to another country. German of Lutheran Evangelical faith.




    Looking in Russia for Philip Trick - marriages, deaths, births.


    Mihalovska / Michaіowska / Mikhailovskih, Sablinsky, Koncevich / Koncewicz

    I would be pleased trace any person or history related to my Grandmother Maria Michalowska/Mikhailovskih who was born in Petersburg on the 25 September 1905. Mother's name was Jozefa/Uzef Kiprianovna and father's Vilensit Ignatovitch Mikhailovskih. There are two other names mentioned in her birth record, Klementy Sablinsky and Carolina Koncevich. I believe Maria (my Grandmother) was later married in St.Petersburg to Antoni Burling (Burlingus) in 1925.

    Rita Eremin.


    A branch of my family emigrated in early 19th century to St. Petersburg where they are burried. I am looking for information on possible descendants of these persons, who possibly "russianized" their name.
    Thanks for your help.

    G. Thieblin.

    Kuznetsov (Sankt-Peterburg)
    Zlobin, Morozov (Tver guberniya)
    Lushnikov (Satratov guberniya)
    Kozin, Zhirkovich, Odintsov (Kostroma guberniya)
    Chegrinets (Rostov oblast)
    Pavlenko, Fandrolyuk, Godnya, Kolomiets (Ukraine)
    Eschholtz (Estonia)

    Looking for my roots. All information I have you can find on my Internet genealogy.

    Nikolai Kozin.


    I am trying to find Nina Nowik/Nowik or any her family who I believe went to live in ST Petersburg after the war.
    She was born in Belarus, taken by the Germans to Prussia, transferred to Zabzre, Poland.
    After the war, worked as a translator, met and married a Russian Officer, they then went to live in St Petersburg, unfortunately, Nina became ill after seeing the death of her daughter under a tram.
    I would be grateful for any help given.
    Thank you for reading this.

    John Nieurzyla.

    Tatarinow/Tatarinov, Golovin

    I am currently researching my family tree and would appreciate any information regarding the name Tatarinow. My grandfather's name was Pavel, he was born c.1896 and died in August 1940 in a gulag. My grandmother's name was Olga Golovin and her parents names were Andrei and Maria. I understand that my grandfather, and his fathers before him, were members of the Variani club (excuse my spelling if I got it wrong).
    Any information about either of these two family names or these people would be greatly appreciated.

    Tania Mulukin.


    Nikolay Anatolyevich FLORIN (= Nicolas FLORINE) (19th July 1891 - 21 January 1972), very famous engineer in Aeronautics born in Batoumi (now Republic of Georgia but at that time part of the Russian Empire). He studied in SanktPeterburga (St Petersburg / Leningrad), served in the White Army and left Russia because of the bolchevics (Red Army). My grand-father invented the very first helicopter in Belgium. His parents : Anatole Victorovich FLORIN (1856-1936), famous engineer in Harbour construction (participated to the construction of the Sevastopol Harbour) married to Aimee LIOUBOV (1862-1935) (Taras family from Georgia). His brother : Victor Anatolyevich FLORIN (07/12/1899-1960) very famous engineer who lived in U.S.S.R. and married to Irina and they should have children. His sister : Olga (30/11/1893) who should have children. I am looking for all alive relatives in Russia and for any information on my Russian and Georgian family members. I am particularly interested in my grand-father's first life in Russia (1891 till 1917 or 1920). My family should have a Nobility title but I would like to know more about it! Thanks for your kind collaboration. You can contact me in English - Francais - Espanol - Nederlands via e-mail : also via ICQ "19623430" (Specialist)..

    Ivan Florine, Belgium.


    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am searching for any information about, or possible descendants of my great-great-grandfather Franz Wilhelm Wendrichowsky, who was born 04 January 1831 in St. Petersburg, Russia. He emigrates to Hamburg, Germany, where he recieved civil rights in 1858. He died in Hamburg in 1874. Unfortunately no more informations about him or his relatives are available in my family circle today, all papers were destroyed in World War II.
    I'm also looking for people with above mentioned surname. Everybody who himself does or who's ancestors did bear such surname, are invited to contact me by email.
    Thank you very much for your assistance. I hope you can support me in this affair.
    Best regards,

    Kirsten Muller, sense:ability GmbH, Brunnenstrasse 119, 10119 Berlin, Germany.


    need info on my family from Russia. Morrissey is the surname. Much information has been hidden, or lost. Thank you

    Brian J. Morrissey, 525 Portland Ave South, HSB 6 / MC 956, MPLS, MN 55415-1569, 612.348.6070, FAX 612.348.7682

    Eckenfels, Mathias and Rosina. Baden, early 1800's

    I am researching the Eckenfels family. My ancestor was Nicolaus Eckenfels, the son of Mathias Eckenfels and his wife Rosina (maiden name Heimann). Nicolaus (born about 1804) was Baden citizen and moved to St.Petersburg, Russia. There he served to prince Sergey G. Shcherbatoff and his wife Anna (maiden name Hilkoff). I want to contact to other representatives of Eckenfels family to exchange with family history information.

    Irene Malinowska, the St.Petersburg Province Noble Assembly and Russian Genealogical Society Member.


    I am searching for info about my grandfather's family. Grandfather was born in Baku 1904.04.10 or 1904.09.10 . His name was Alexander Anoschkin. He himself wrote his name as "Anoski". About 1912 he arrived in Finland, with his forsterparent (family) Boris and Aksana Cecloff via Terijoki Finland. Alexander's father (Ivan?) killed his wife before 1912? and was imprisoned. I had hear that he died about 1942 in prison. I will be gratefull for any answer. Thanks for yours attention!
    Please if You can, write in English or Finish or Swedish.

    Sigrid Anoschkin, Lars Kaggsgatan 133, 504 43 Boras, Sweden.

    KOPACZ of Warsaw, Poland
    SANIUK from Vilnius, Lithuania

    Seeking info on KOPACZ of Warsaw, POL area and SANIUK from Vilnius, LIT. Michael KOPACZ (b 1891, d 1944) married Aniela SANIUK (b 1894, d 1968) in Portland, Maine, USA in 1913. I have all American descendants and immigration information (will gladly share info), need info on ancestors, brothers and sisters of each, especially Julia SANIUK who went to Paris, FRA about 1922 and married _____ HAMMROU; she was living as of 1968.
    Would LOVE to contact relatives in Poland or Lithuania.

    Michael J Denis, Oakland, ME 04963, USA.

    Evdokimov, Mataev, Penza

    My Mother was born in Ashkabad in 1908 as Maria Evdokimov. Her father's name was Andrei from near Vyatka. Her Mother's name was Anna Mataev from pear Penza. I would appreciate any help in locating any records as to what happened to Anna and Andrei. The last known location of Andrei was Svobodny in 1926. He worked for the Trans Siberian RR as a clerk.
    Thank you in advance,

    Losone L. Parmeter, Biloxi Mississippi


    I am looking for the family name Ilutovick. Any help will be appreciated


    Looking for JOHANN RICHTER, bn. Abt. 1831-dd. 1924 Novo-Rudnja, Volhynia married KATHARINA ELIZABETH SCHMULAND, bn. Abt. 1834- dd. 1899, Zhitomir area, Volhynia (she dau. of JOHN SCHMULAND and CHRISTINE LEMKE. Their children:
    1. Gottfried Richter, bn. abt. 1853, dd. after 1896 Germany, married Susanna Marie Guenther Abt. 1873.
    2. Gottlieb Johannes Richter, bn. 1854, dd. 1905, Novo-Rudnja, Volhynia, married Karoline H. Renz 1878 Sorotschin
    3. Jacob Richter bn. 1860, poss. Warsaw, dd. 1940 USA married Amelia Germes 1884 Sorotschin.
    4. Justina Richter bn. 1862 Tanow/Janofka, Zhitomir, Volhynia, dd. 1950 Hanimar, Germany, mar. Johann Eduard Freigang 1879, Sorotchin.
    5. August Richter bn. 1864, Volhynia, dd. 1945, prison camp Germany/ Russia, mar. Emma Sprenger Abt. 1890, Volhynia.
    6. Mathilda Richter bn. 1867, Zhitomir, dd. 1941 Bomb raid, Zhitomir, Volhynia, married Steven Beyer, Abt. 1885, Zhitomir, had 4 sons. LOOKING FOR HUSBAND OR CHILDREN.
    7. Pauline Edna Richter, bn. 1869, Konigsbach (Now Bukowec) , dd. 1960 USA mar. John Henry Kruger 1888, Poland
    8. John Johann Richter, bn. 1874, Volhynia, mar. and dd. USA 1954.
    9. Lydia Richter, bn. 1879, Volhynia, married and dd. USA 1959.
    Please reply in English.

    Gloria Jacoby.


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